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Dog Chew Sticks

Dog Chew Sticks

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Unleash the joy with our Dog Chew Sticks – the ultimate chew toy for dogs. Crafted from safe, odorless TPR, it's a puppy chew toy and dental health hero in one. 

Those jagged molar bumps? They clean incisors while your pup plays. Indoors or out, it's an anxiety-reliever, preventing furniture casualties. Boost agility and IQ through interactive tug-of-war. Bye-bye boredom with automatic food distribution. 

For aggressive chewers and savvy pups alike, this is the best dog chew toy. Say yes to dental health, anxiety relief, and endless playtime fun with our dog bones!

Product Information:

  • Product category: chew toys for dogs
  • Material: PP+wood fiber
  • Weight: 116g
  • Style: deer antlers, bones, bamboo, branches
  • Size: Small, Large

Packing List:

  • Bite Toys*1



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